Lotus Pearl Summer Qigong Class

June 1 - July 31, 2023 – Daily live via Zoom at 8am, Monday - Friday MST with a weekly Healing Meditation on Mondays at 7pm

Summer is approaching! We can all feel the hours of daylight stretching out, inviting us to garden, exercise, attend concerts, go on vacations and simply appreciate a longer glow of sunlight. In traditional Chinese medicine, summer is considered the most Yang or action/expressive time of year. In qigong, we know it is essential to balance excessive heat and activity with grounded yin, and wellness, to avoid reactivity. Summer in the 5 Element Theory is ruled by the heart, with its meridians or channels (and those of the pericardium, small intestine and the triple burners which govern metabolism) of qi flowing up and from the hands up through the shoulders and towards the heart. The heart is considered the Empress of all the organs and the energy of the Heart Tan Tien, or converter, is considered essential in any form of healing. With diligent practice that opens the inner chambers of the Seat of the Soul in the Heart, profound healing can occur, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

While we are still using our medical and alchemical qigong practice known as Lotus Pearl (I AM) Qigong, we will also be exploring how opening channels, clearing cords, utilizing specific powerful heart tones, and activating the wisdom of the heart to heal unknown or unconscious causes of disease, depression and karma. I will be sharing some ancient practices and wisdom that is highly effective and that I used to heal myself from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic inflammation. These practices will be new to the class. In addition, I am incorporating advanced Neigong teaching on how to gather more Jing or vital life force, the "Fountain of Youth" that explorers frantically searched for - you will learn how to harness and utilize this energy for healing and for thriving for your best and highest expression.

Within daily classes, I weave high level wisdom teachings on intention setting, posture, breathwork, the right use of will and visualization, the gentle movements and their meanings, scientific research and its support of ancient qigong practices, sound healing and how sound creates matter and cellular structure, and much more! Some of you have been practicing qigong with me for well over a decade and write how the information and instruction gets deeper and higher. Some of you will be beginners - all are welcome! The practices can be adapted to laying down, sitting or standing, and the wisdom teachings can be received on a basic or advanced level!

All classes are held online and begin 5 minutes before the hour, on Mountain Standard Time. If you miss a live class, you can receive a recording but you can only attend class OR receive the recording, not both. If students request a recording after attending live the cost will be $10 per class. Cost is $400 for 2 months of classes, only $8 per class.

Registration is now open and ends on 5/28.

I am truly looking forward to this class and excited to be a part of your healing and thriving journeys!


Lotus Palm Qigong Experiences

Deeper transformation than I could have ever imagined

LD from CO

I was introduced to Qigong and Lyria about 4 years ago beginning with an energy session that I believe saved my life. That led me to take classes with her. Each class, each lesson, has been instrumental in my growth, yet in the beginning I was resistant to daily practice. Even still, things changed. They shifted. When I chose to devote to the 100 Day Gong, I had no idea just how right Lyria was about daily practice. I was once ruled by my emotions, so much so that I was unaware of how to cope which led me to numb myself with drugs. I spent most of my life on and off of drugs unable to find anything that helped me be free from the repetitive thoughts and intense emotions. I can say that today I am not even the same woman! I have less reactivity and am able to move through faster when I do. I do not think the same, speak the same, or walk through life the same. I have peace. I have understanding of who I truly am. I am able to flow with life as it comes. This year I had a significant other go through a cancer health project among all of life's other flavors, and I STILL had peace and spaciousness in my every day. I am beyond grateful for this practice and all the extra teachings and bonuses that Lyria offers every single day!

Rebalancing my body

SS from CO

During the 100 Day Qigong, I experienced so much rebalancing in my body, and I know every day I'm moving towards greater health. Near day 50, I started to be able to put my arms above my head for two different techniques in the practice, whereas previously my shoulders were so tight that I could only do it for one of the techniques. Around this time, I was also able to stand more consistently, where previously I had been too tired or would get so dizzy at certain parts of the practice due to so much shifting in my body. By the 90-day mark, I noticed my digestion was improving. My constipation started to disappear, and I began experiencing much fuller bowel movements. The bonus sharing sessions helped me feel connected to Lyria and to my classmates. I always savor Lyria's wisdom and learn from what my classmates are experiencing in their lives as well.

Learning to love myself

SR from WI

The 100 Day Qigong is an invaluable experience. I am learning to love myself and am becoming grateful for all my life experiences. I have learned to truly let go of pain from my past, and I look forward to the wonder of all that is yet to come. My thought process is changing…not circling over and over again. I have become much calmer. I am enjoying everything. Lyria is an amazing teacher. She draws you in, and you feel so connected. I look forward to every class. This is life changing for me! Priceless!

Finding Strength and Peace

AD from NM

I am so grateful for Lyria and the powerful, yet gentle, space that she holds. I began the 100 day journey so fatigued that I was unable to stand and participate, which was a struggle for a chronic overachiever. Throughout that journey, I returned again and again to the Breath of Gratitude as that was the part I could do as I lay or sat and visualized the movements, finally realizing that first and foremost, I needed to be where I was, and to be at peace with that awareness.

It was the greatest gift.

I began to feel what it was to be at peace with my own experience, especially when it did not match the “shoulds” from my brain. Near the end of the 100 days, I had the empowering experience of being able to stand and participate, though I could not yet sustain that level daily.

After the 100 Day Qong ended, I was swept up again in my life, though I continued to use the Breath whenever I could. After a few months, I joined Lyria’s next 8-week class, and was surprised to discover how very much had continued to strengthen in my body. From the beginning, I could stand and fully participate and I began to more readily understand and apply what was being offered. Due to my work schedule, I was utilizing the daily recordings for the class, but as I began to feel the continued increase in energy in my body and peace in my mind, I effortlessly found myself rising an hour earlier to make sure I could attend the class live and begin my day with a sense of balance and grace.

And, now, on the cusp of my third 8-week class, as I look forward to going deeper in the beautiful space that Lyria holds, I am feeling that cultivated connection and grace guide me into a deeper emotional healing. From that first qigong class and that first remembering of “being okay to be where I am in my own experience”, my healing is growing exponentially, inside and outside of class, and I feel utterly blessed and grateful.

Lotus Palm Qigong Video Course

Home Practice Lotus Palm Qigong - $200

A powerful, simple and healing practice that involves affirmations and gentle movement. The practice not only opens, clears balances and harmonizes the cauldrons (known as chakras in other traditions) but also the aura and meridians. This is the practice that Lyria did relentlessly to clear herself of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis! Level - everyone! Beginners welcome as well as those who have been practicing for years. Because the Qi is Light Consciousness, it flows and 'knows' where to go in each of us. The movements are easy to learn, and most importantly Lyria teaches the spiritual and healing metaphors that the movements represent!! Students can stand, sit or be laying flat to practice! Bonus material includes Meditations and Breath of Gratitude practice as well as the Six Golden Keys teachings: Setting the Field, Intention, Breathwork, Visualization, Sound, and Gentle Movement.