I AM 100 Day Qigong

Special Term | September 1st - December 9th | Live Daily - 8 am MST | $400

Welcome back! I so enjoyed the first 100 Day Gong that I’m offering it again! In an ever-changing world, it is essential, now more than ever, to cultivate heart-centered consciousness in ways that encourage us to stay grounded–not stuck or afraid, to be guided by high level intuition–our ability to receive guidance through our highest self and the Light Field, and support the manifestation of our highest health and destiny. The path of Qigong, particularly I AM Qigong, is a process of cultivating light consciousness or Qi throughout all cells, bone and bone marrow, vagus nerve, organs, fascia, meridians, and all other aspects of light that we embody as human beings. The 100 Day Gong teaches students how to harness this Healthy Directive or Blueprint of Health, which can transform cellular structure.

Since the first 100 Day Gong, I’ve deepened my own personal practice, particularly in harnessing and accepting more vitality, or what we might know as “power”, and in being able to move that to the heart center, or what sometimes is called the Seat of the Soul, for not only my personal well being, but also in my professional energy practice. So much of Qigong is experiencing the movement of Qi, the flow of light, and the ultimate balance of Yin and Yang, and as I continue to cultivate and deepen in my own healing process, in my professional vision, and in inspiring others, I find a level of dedication that is effortless, that is simply who I am, and I am wanting to share that. Please feel free to join me!

It seems like only yesterday when I first attempted 100 day gong practice. I had 4 children 10 years and under, was working part time and had joint pain in my knees. It took me several attempts , eventually I accomplished the 100 Day Gong and noticed a variety of benefits and felt great! What's unique about I AM Qigong is that you will receive 100 days of live classes, or if you can't make them, the recordings, so that you can practice every day at a time that works for you. Some students have gleaned incredible benefit by simply listening to the recording at night because it contains the healing Qi from me and the Light Field. There are also bonus lectures on the 6 Golden Keys of Qigong to help you get the most out of the classes. I will also include weekly healing meditations and an opportunity for students to ask questions and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. All of this is through Zoom, so you may be in the comfort of your home and yet be connected to students all over the country. I welcome new students at any level and all the practices can be done resting, seated, or standing for you can the benefits of Qigong simply by showing up. And, I welcome all returning students! A new journey begins!

Payment can be made through PayPal to Lyriapascal@gmail.com or through Zelle with 505-455-6942.


100 Day Qigong

Deeper transformation than I could have ever imagined

LD from CO

I was introduced to Qigong and Lyria about 4 years ago beginning with an energy session that I believe saved my life. That led me to take classes with her. Each class, each lesson, has been instrumental in my growth, yet in the beginning I was resistant to daily practice. Even still, things changed. They shifted. When I chose to devote to the 100 Day Gong, I had no idea just how right Lyria was about daily practice. I was once ruled by my emotions, so much so that I was unaware of how to cope which led me to numb myself with drugs. I spent most of my life on and off of drugs unable to find anything that helped me be free from the repetitive thoughts and intense emotions. I can say that today I am not even the same woman! I have less reactivity and am able to move through faster when I do. I do not think the same, speak the same, or walk through life the same. I have peace. I have understanding of who I truly am. I am able to flow with life as it comes. This year I had a significant other go through a cancer health project among all of life's other flavors, and I STILL had peace and spaciousness in my every day. I am beyond grateful for this practice and all the extra teachings and bonuses that Lyria offers every single day!

Rebalancing my body

SS from CO

During the 100 Day Qigong, I experienced so much rebalancing in my body, and I know every day I'm moving towards greater health. Near day 50, I started to be able to put my arms above my head for two different techniques in the practice, whereas previously my shoulders were so tight that I could only do it for one of the techniques. Around this time, I was also able to stand more consistently, where previously I had been too tired or would get so dizzy at certain parts of the practice due to so much shifting in my body. By the 90-day mark, I noticed my digestion was improving. My constipation started to disappear, and I began experiencing much fuller bowel movements. The bonus sharing sessions helped me feel connected to Lyria and to my classmates. I always savor Lyria's wisdom and learn from what my classmates are experiencing in their lives as well.

Learning to love myself

SR from WI

The 100 Day Qigong is an invaluable experience. I am learning to love myself and am becoming grateful for all my life experiences. I have learned to truly let go of pain from my past, and I look forward to the wonder of all that is yet to come. My thought process is changing…not circling over and over again. I have become much calmer. I am enjoying everything. Lyria is an amazing teacher. She draws you in, and you feel so connected. I look forward to every class. This is life changing for me! Priceless!

I AM Qigong Video Course

Home Practice I AM Qigong - $200

A powerful, simple and healing practice that involves affirmations and gentle movement. The practice not only opens, clears balances and harmonizes the cauldrons (known as chakras in other traditions) but also the aura and meridians. This is the practice that Lyria did relentlessly to clear herself of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis! Level - everyone! Beginners welcome as well as those who have been practicing for years. Because the qi is Light Consciousness, it flows and 'knows' where to go in each of us. The movements are easy to learn, and most importantly Lyria teaches the spiritual and healing metaphors that the movements represent!! Students can stand, sit or be laying flat to practice! Bonus material includes Meditations and Breath of Gratitude practice as well as the Six Golden Keys teachings: Setting the Field, Intention, Breathwork, Visualization, Sound, and Gentle Movement.

5 Elements Qigong

September 1st - September 31st, 2022
Monday | Wednesday | Thursday 1-2 pm MST - $125

Learn how to gather, cultivate and enhance the natural flow of Qi of Light Consciousness in this class. Based on the seasonal flow or 5 Element theory (wood/Spring, fire/summer, earth/harvest, metal/fall, and water/winter) this practice opens, clears, balances and harmonizes the energy flow in our channels or meridians, balancing emotions, bringing more vitality, clarity and sense of well being. Many students have experienced physical and emotional healing during 5 Element Qigong. This class concludes with the Healing Smile Meditation - a relaxing and happy experience! Level - everyone! Beginners welcome as well as those who have been practicing for years. Because the qi is Light Consciousness, it flows and 'knows' where to go in each of us. The movements are easy to learn, and most importantly Lyria teaches the spiritual and healing metaphors that the movements represent!! Students can stand, sit or be laying flat to practice !