Current Term | Sept. 6th - Nov. 24th

Join Lyria for weekly Qigong group classes focused on heart-centered internal and external practice for healing and vitality.

5 Elements Qigong

Monday | Wednesday | Thursday 1-2 pm MST

5 Element Qigong is based on qi (light consciousness) and the natural flow of the 5 elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice helps students ground and release anxiety, cultivate a healing "sphere of light," clear the energetic pathways and organs, all while doing gentle movement. The class concludes with a Healing Smile Meditation! All levels are welcome to join this healing and energizing practice!!

I AM Qigong

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday | 5-6 pm MST

A translation from the east, "I AM" is the light consciousness that students will use to promote health and well being during the gentle movement part of class. In this class students will learn how to set a healing field, ground light into the body, clear the Central Channel and spine, energy centers, or Dan Diens, and meridians. This practice promotes feeling more vibrant, flexible and peaceful. Each I AM Qigong class concludes with a guided Microcosmic Orbit meditation led by Lyria. This is THE practice that Lyria used daily, relentlessly to heal from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis - all levels welcome!!

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong


Instructor Approval Required | Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong was created by Daisy Lee and is for women or those identifying as female only. Lyria has been a certified instructor for both Levels 1 and 2, but focuses on teaching level 2 as it emphasizes the Heart Dan Dien as a powerful healing tool. We will go over the form as an intention on Mondays and will practice the form plus a healing meditation on Wednesdays. Beginners are welcome!