Meet Lyria Pascal

Qigong Instructor | Energy Practitioner

My name is Lyria Pascal and I am the Qigong Instructor and Energy Healer at Lotus Palm Healing. My Intention is to offer heart-centered practices for transformation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Qi - vital energy | Gong - cultivate

Qigong is a mind-body-spirit practice that integrates movement, breathing and intention to cultivate vital energy

The Lotus Palm Experience

  • Group Classes

    Join Lyria for weekly classes with a supportive community. Anyone can benefit from these practices and they can be modified for those who prefer to sit or rest and visualize the movements.

  • Private Sessions

    These sessions are an opportunity for focused intention and healing on various health projects. Lyria supports and amplifies the qi transformation and the client's healing love, wisdom and power within.

  • Digital Courses

    Have a guided meditation or practice at your fingertips. Videos and digital courses are ideal for those who want to study at their own pace or focus on a specific topic.


Helping me start my family

Dr. Claudia Krajicek, L.Ac

I have received weekly sessions in energy work from Lyria for about a year now. I started the treatments after two miscarriages that resulted in significant emotional and spiritual challenges for me. Lyria has been extremely helpful in supporting through those experiences as well as my current, healthy pregnancy! I have gotten to know Lyria as a health care practitioner that has a very healing ability to listen, to tune into what's most important and needed, to share her wisdom when appropriate, and she has the ability to create a very safe space for each healing session. Her actual work has been very palpable and often transforming for me. And I have no doubt that she has greatly helped me on my way to motherhood. I highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Profound change in my physical and emotional well being


I have been attending Lyria's Qi-Gong classes at Lotus Palm for almost 7 years. Her gentle but persistent teachings have made a profound change in my physical and emotional well being. Her caring one-on-one healing sessions have helped me get through tough times. Lyria has great insights and is a true healer!

A safe space for healing


There are people who are involved in energy work in our midst...and then there are those who are truly Lightworkers, here to live the journey and quietly share with us the profound wisdom of lessons learned and integrated during the fulfillment of their own contracts over multiple lifetimes. Lyria is the second group and lives her practices. Her understanding and acknowledgement of the guidance and assistance available to us are most obvious and invaluable. She silently and lovingly expresses an ability to hold space during a session and I feel empowered to progress in a way that dovetails keenly with my level of understanding, while "pushing the envelope" of healing and knowing. A healer myself, it has often been challenging to find and trust the space for movement when my own path becomes muddied and less than clear. Time and again, I have found solace, clarity and often profound expansion during and after a session with Lyria. I am in deep gratitude to Spirit for having placed her in my path!

Qigong has changed how I am in the world


Lyria's no-nonsense, free flowing and sometimes gently nudging teaching style has been helping me tremendously. Her encouragement to stay focused on letting the Qi in allowed me change how I am in the world. I don't know where I would have been had I not started taking her weekly classes 11 years ago.